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Even though we do try to avoid using technical terminology across our websites, there maybe times when you may need further help to understand some of the features described on our cars. That's what this glossary is for. Search alphabetically.


CO2 emission

- The amount of CO2 emissions contained in the exhaust gases of a car, typically measured in g/100km

Carbon fibre interior trim package

- Enhance the look of your centre console by choosing the premium carbon-fibre interior trim package.

Central door locking with key

- All doors can be locked or unlocked by turning the key in the lock of the driver or front passenger side door.

Centre armrest with storage

- Storage area between the driver and front passenger seats - underneath the armrest - for keeping larger items.

Ceramic breaks

- Brembo® ceramic brakes reduce weight by 10.4kgs while delivering incredible stopping power. The massive 394 x 36 mm front and 388 x 33m rear rotors keep your stops fast and precise as you carve the track.

Child seat ISOFIX provision

- Standard automotive industry child safety seat fixings for the outer rear seats of a car. Allows the child seat to be correctly anchored to the car for maximum safety.


- The distance between the ground and the lowest portion of the bottom of a vehicle (not counting the wheels). Also called ground clearance.

Competition Sports seats

- Competition Sports seats feature larger bolsters designed to provide driver and passenger maximum support duing performance driving.

Competition Sports seats with sueded microfiber-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift

- When Competition Sports seats are ordered in combination with sueded seating surfaces both steering wheel and gear shifter are also covered in microfibre suede for an extra luxurious interior experience.

Compression ratio

- A value that represents the ratio of the volume of an engine's combustion chamber from its largest capacity to its smallest capacity. In a piston engine it is the ratio between the volume of the cylinder and combustion chamber when the piston is at the bottom of its stroke, and the volume of the combustion chamber when the piston is at the top of its stroke. If, at the bottom of the stroke, the cylinder contains 1000 cc of air and at the top of the stroke it has 100 cc of air, then the compression ratio would be 10:1.

Convenience net

- Helps to secure smaller items in the rear compartment area.

Courtesy light

- Front and rear cabin lights which come on when the doors are unlocked and opened. Also, depending on the model, in luggage compartment. The lights go off when the car's ignition is started, or when the car is locked again.

Cruise control

- System that automatically monitors and maintains vehicle speed.

Cruise control with speed limiter

- System that automatically monitors and maintains vehicle speed and limits speed.

Cup holders

- Hold drinks containers. Usually situated in the centre console area. Depending on the trim level, also available in the rear of the car.

Cup tires: run-flat, Front P285/30ZR 19; Rear P335/25ZR20

- The Corvette Z06 offers your choice of standard Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport ZP summer-only tires† or the track-proven Michelin® Pilot® Sport Cup 2 ZP summer-only tires† included with the available Z07 Performance Package for even more grip.

Cylinder configuration

- Cylinders typically contain pistons which are the car's combustion chambers. Cylinders can be arranged in different confirgurations: either in a "V" shape, which is where two cylinders are paired together, or "in line", where they are arranged singly, one after another. If you hear the expression "V8 engine", it means it has four pairs of cylinders. In line, or "straight" means that the cylinders are arranged singly.