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Even though we do try to avoid using technical terminology across our websites, there maybe times when you may need further help to understand some of the features described on our cars. That's what this glossary is for. Search alphabetically.


Electric climate control

- An air conditioning system control which determines and maintains the preset temperature in the passenger compartment.

Electric defogger

- Rear-window defogger that uses an electrically heated grid to remove condensation from the glass.

Electric parking break

- This is an alternative to the hand brake. As with the traditional hand brake, the electric parking brake is a secondary brake used to hold the car in position, most commonly when it has been parked.

Electric power steering (EPS) with assist

- "Like hydraulic power steering, but instead of relying on hydraulic pressure, an electric motor, torque sensor, electronic control unit and diagnostics assess the steering effort, which takes up less weight and space. Variable assist allows for speed-sensitive power steering: effortless parking but better road feel at highway speeds."

Electronic Limited-Slip-Differential

- Standard on the European specification Corvette Stingray, intelligent Electronic Limited-Slip Differential continuously modulates torque split to improve traction, acceleration out of corners, stability on the highway and steering turn-in responsiveness. Integration with Stabilitrak and Performance Traction Management delivers seamless vehicle handling and optimal traction. Critical to performance. Indiscernible to the driver. More rear-wheel control means a new level of confidence.

Electronic stability control (ESC), switch on / off

- As it's sometimes important to switch ESC off (e.g. when driving in snow), some cars are equipped with an on/off button on the dashboard.

Emission class Euro

- European emissions standard which defines the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new cars sold in EU states